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Track Your Mail Ballot         

ATTENTION Vote-By-Mail Voters

The postage on the return vote-by-mail envelope is $0.55 or (1) forever stamp.

Voters can track their vote by mail ballot using the Supervisor of Elections website.  If you wish to confirm that your ballot has been received at the Election Office, select the “Track Your Vote-By-Mail Ballot” image below.  Input the required information to have access to your record.  Your ballot is "received" as soon as your signature on the return envelope is verified with the signature clips on file with the Elections Office.

If there is a problem with your signature, you will be notified via a message on the website’s tracking feature.  Elections staff will also send a letter, email, or attempt to call you (if your phone number or email address is on file) in order to rectify the problem.


Click here for the 2020 City of Sebastian Recall Election Sample Ballot


New Phone Numbers

The County has installed a new phone system and our numbers have been changed. Below is the list of our new extensions. 

Main Number (772) 226-4700
Katherine Bauman 
Election Specialist  
(772) 226-4717
Shane Bias, CERA 
Public Relations & Election Worker Specialist  
(772) 226-4701
Cathy Boyle 
Voter Services Manager
(772) 226-4734
Tricia Boyle, CERA
Accounting Coordinator
(772) 226-4712
David Cruz
IT Specialist
(772) 226-4710
Gary Gordon, CERA
It Manager
(772) 226-4708
Maureen Houssell, CERA
Chief Deputy of Operations
(772) 226-4706
Anne Kroh
Elections Specialist
(772) 226-4713
Richie Lemoi
Logistics & Equipment Manager
(772) 226-4707
Katie Otto
Elections Specialist
(772) 226-4718
Leslie Swan
Supervisor of Elections
(772) 226-4705
Daisy Zamora
Vote By Mail Coordinator
(772) 226-4702


Polling Location Change

All voters who previously voted on Election Day at the Indian River Estates Precincts 1, 4 and 33, will now vote at Central Assembly of God. This is a temporary polling place change.

New Polling Location Information:

Central Assembly of God

6767 20th Street, Vero Beach

Image of Central Assembly of God Precincts 1/4/22/33/35