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Choosing a Political Party

Florida is a “closed primary state,” which means that a voter may only vote in a primary for the party with which he/she is registered. A voter registered without a party affiliation may only vote in nonpartisan races in a primary election. If all candidates in a race in the primary ballot have the same party affiliation and there is no opposition in the general election, all eligible voters may vote on the race, which is called a “universal primary.” 

To select a political party in the Party Affiliation Box of a Voter Registration Application, check the box of the political party with which you wish to register: Florida Democratic Party, Republican Party of Florida, or a minor political party (print the name of the party). Persons wishing to register without selecting a political party should check "No party affiliation." The Division of Elections provides a complete list of registered political parties on its Web site.  

All registered voters may vote in a General Election regardless of political party affiliation.  

Party changes may be made at any time by completing a Voter Registration Application and checking "Record Update/Change" in the top box , or by sending the Supervisor of Elections a signed written notice that contains the voter's date of birth or voter registration number. However, state law requires that party changes be made at least 29 days prior to a partisan primary election in order to be valid for that election.