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Vote-by-Mail Cure Affidavit


This affidavit is for a voter who returns a vote‐by‐mail ballot that does not include the voter’s signature or whose signature does not match the voter’s signature on file.

In order to ensure that your vote‐by‐mail ballot will be counted, your Vote-by-Mail Cure Affidavit should be completed and returned to the supervisor of elections of the county in which your precinct is located no later than 5 p.m. the second day after the election.



Vote-by-Mail Pick-up Affidavit

In order for a designee to pick-up a vote-by-mail ballot on a voter's behalf, you must fill out the Designated Pick-up Affidavit. A designee may pick up a vote-by-mail ballot beginning up to 9 days prior to Election Day. 

*Election Day pick up of vote-by-mail ballots is reserved ONLY for persons with an emergency. 

 Per F.S. 101.62(4) Any elector may designate in writing a person to pick up the ballot for the elector; however, the person designated may not pick up more than two vote-by-mail ballots per election, other than the designee’s own ballot, except that additional ballots may be picked up for members of the designee’s immediate family. For purposes of this section, “immediate family” means the designee’s spouse or the parent, child, grandparent, or sibling of the designee or of the designee’s spouse.