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Write-In Candidates

F.S. 99.061(4)(a) Each person seeking to qualify for election to office as a write-in candidate shall file his or her qualification papers with the respective qualifying officer at any time after noon of the 1st day for qualifying, but not later than noon of the last day of the qualifying period for the office sought. (b) Any person who is seeking election as a write-in candidate shall not be required to pay a filing fee, election assessment, or party assessment. A write-in candidate is not entitled to have his or her name printed on any ballot; however, space for the write-in candidate’s name to be written in must be provided on the general election ballot. A person may not qualify as a write-in candidate if the person has also otherwise qualified for nomination or election to such office.

In order for your vote to count for a write-in candidate, the candidate must be a qualified candidate.  For information on who has qualified as a write-in candidate:

1) Consult the Florida Division of Elections website for candidates who qualify with the Division of Elections.

2) Consult the Candidate Profiles page on the Supervisor of Elections website for candidates who qualify with the Indian River County Supervisor of Elections office.