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Civil Rights Restoration

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in the "Amendment 4/SB 7066" (Jones et al. v. DeSantis et al.; U.S. District Court, North District, Case No. 4:19cv300-RH/MJF)has stayed the lower court's injunction. That means the lower court's injunction is no longer in effect. Therefore, the eligibility requirements for restoration of voting rights as stated in the Florida Constitution and state law apply. See specifically, Amendment 4, Article VI, Fla. Const., and section 98.0751, Fla. Stat. (part of SB 7066). 

Please note the following important points:

1.   Statewide voter registration application form (DS-39)

2.   Legal Financial Obligations.  The amount of all fees, costs, restitution, and fines ordered as part of the felony sentence must be paid or otherwise satisfied before registering or voting.  

3.   Inability to Pay. There is no exception to the above for those unable to pay. 

4.   Advisory Opinion.  The ability to request an advisory opinion and the relevant rule is still available. Rule 1S-2.010, Florida Administrative Code, and section 106.23(2), F.S.

5.   Statement of Rules.  Eligibility requirements stated in Amendment 4 and section 98.0751, Fla. Stat.   

The Florida Division of Elections Standards Governing Eligibility to Vote after a Felony Conviction can be found on the Florida Division of Elections website. The Florida Division of Elections website is elections.myflorida.com