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As a voter, it is your responsibility to keep your voter registration record up-to-date with the supervisor of elections office.  Voters are encouraged to update their voter registration record prior to Election Day to avoid completing paperwork at the polls.  Use the My Voter Record tool to lookup your voter registration record.  Record changes/updates can be made by completing a Florida Voter Registration Application online at RegisterToVoteFlorida.Gov, in person, or by mail.

The online application above is managed by the Florida Division of Elections.  If you prefer a paper application, click (English PDF / Español PDF)                                                    


When Can I Update My Voter Registration

You can update your voter registration record at any time.  Party changes must be made at least 29 days prior to an election in order for the party change to be effective for the upcoming election.


Address Change

The residential address on your voter registration record determines your Election Day voting location and the candidates and issues available for you to vote on in any election.  To avoid going to the incorrect voting location and having to complete a change of address before voting, please ensure the Elections Office has your current address on file.

Changes to your residential or mailing address within the State of Florida can be made by any of the following ways:


IMPORTANT: If you are submitting an address change (online, by phone, or electronic means), you must provide your date of birth and either your Florida Driver License number, Florida ID Card number, or the last four digits of your Social Security number, whichever may be verified in the supervisor’s records.


Name Change

If your name changes by marriage or other legal process, please notify the supervisor of elections of this change by:


Political Party Affiliation Change

Florida is a Closed Primary State.  In partisan office contests in a primary election, a voter may only vote for the candidates of the party in which the voter is registered.  Voters registered with no party affiliation (NPA) are not eligible to vote for partisan candidates in a primary election. All registered voters regardless of party affiliation are entitled to vote on non-partisan candidates and issues in a primary election.

In a General Election, all registered voters receive the same ballot regardless of party affiliation and are eligible to vote for any candidate/issue.

You can update your party affiliation at any time, however, party changes must be made at least 29 days prior to an election in order for the party change to be effective for the upcoming election.


To change your party affiliation, please notify us of this change by:

Information regarding Florida’s major and minor political parties can be found on the Florida Division of Elections website.
The Florida Division of Elections website is elections.myflorida.com


Signature Update

Over time signatures may begin to change and voters with physical disabilities or those affected by disease may have difficulty maintaining a consistent signature.  Your signature on file with the Elections Office is used to verify your signature on a vote-by-mail ballot, provisional ballot, candidate petition, or initiative petition.

To update your signature or identifying mark by:

  • Submitting a Florida Voter Registration Application (English PDF / Español PDF) and return by mail or in person to the Supervisor of Elections office.


Replacement of a Voter Information Card

Voter Information Cards are issued to all newly registered voters within ten days of registering to vote.  Replacement voter information cards are automatically mailed to voters with changes to their voter registration record. Voter Information Cards are used for informational purposes only and are not required to vote and cannot be used as ID.

If you lose or misplace your voter information card can be replaced by:

  • A signed written notice


Moving Out of Florida or Cancelling My Florida Voter Registration

If you are moving to a residential address that is out of the state of Florida, you must register to vote in your new state.  To cancel your Florida voter registration, download and complete the Voter Registration Removal Form (English PDF / Español PDF).

The Voter Registration Removal Form can be submitted to the Indian River County Elections Office by:

Indian River County Supervisor of Elections

4375 43rd Avenue

Vero Beach, FL  32967

Leslie Rossway Swan
Supervisor of Elections
Indian River County

4375 43rd Avenue
Vero Beach, FL 32967

Office: (772) 226-4700
Fax: (772) 770-5367
Spanish Hotline: (833) 347-2763
Hours: M - F, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

PLEASE NOTE: Under Florida law, email addresses are public records. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing. Florida Statute 668.6076